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So What Do I Do?

Find out a little more about what makes my hi-hats tick.

Audio engineering

My core skill and career passion


Loud and Proud: Outdoor Festival Season

I've installed PA systems at Festivals all over the UK. For example, Rambling Man, Kent... Brighton Pride, BBCs Fire in the Park. As one of a small number of privileged, trained EAW Adaptive system techs, i'm in the advantageous position of being passionate about what is currently a new emerging technology and being able to show it off to dozens of touring engineers at each show. 


Touring: The Endless Gig

It takes a certain type of engineer to enjoy running around like a lunatic flying systems, timing fills and mixing concerts for thousands of people each night, every day. This is me. I wouldn't do it if I didn't thrive on it. 
Recent, but not exhaustive tour credits are: Shakin' Stevens 2019 European tour, system tech. Led Zeppelin Masters UK/EU 2019, system tech. Go West/Nik Kershaw/Cutting Crew ICONS tour 2018, FOH mix and system tech. Numerous Strictly Come Dancing spin off shows. The Stylistics UK 2019, 6 years ongoing FOH mix and system tech.


Special Events: The Unknown, The Unusual

In between those regular rock and pop gigs there are those that catch the eye. Whether providing sound reinforcement for corporate productions, fireworks, ballooning, 24h running and swimming competions, car launches or the most extravagant film expo's, i'll be applied 100% to getting the show up: as efficiently and neatly as possible. 

My other skills

Aside from being very noisy...



A useful LX tech and lighting rigger. Give me an Avolites desk and I can get a good rock show out of it. I can rig trusses all day long with lights, address fixtures, run socapex and data infrastructure and it'll all work when you run it up!



Aside from being a hardy overland traveller in my free time (rare), I have a full C1E HGV License and up-to-date CPC. 


H&S, First Aid

I've got a 3 year First Aid at Work certificate and keep this up-to-date. 
I'm more than aware of health and safety liability on the job and keep everything by the book.

Based in...

Sunny Basingstoke, Hampshire UK. Travels: Everywhere, anywhere, UK, EU and beyond


Phone: +44 7821 757388