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Technical Info

Being serious for just one second...


A few qualifications and overview of skillset

Audinate Dante Level 3

Certified network audio technician

I've got a Level 3 Cert in Dante, the market leading network audio technology. It's a commonplace and super useful way of getting audio between desks, speaker systems, processors and playback / recording computers. And so much more.

EAW Adaptive

Certified operator and demonstrator

I'm one of very few UK techs with an EAW Adaptive cert. It's a growing new technology and allows me to install and train others with this new type of PA system. Gone are the old splay angles and predictive plots of mechanical line array: we can now modify coverage and throw mid-gig, with no physical alternation being required.

Shure Wireless

Workbench & RF Co Ordinator

Without solid RF for wireless microphones and in-ear systems there is no enablement for your artist. I am trained in deploying a correct system plot based on RF environment and location-dependant conditions.

A rather intense soldering project

In regards to hardware:

I'm highly experienced in all Yamaha CL/QL/LS/PM/M ranges of desks. Allen & Heath D Live, GLD. Avid Profile, S6. Analogue, such as Midas. I'll operate FOH or Monitors with wedges and/or IEMs.

Shure, Sennheiser, Trantec radio systems

Rigging of flown line array and point source systems, motors and control

Installation of monitor systems, integration of guest equipment at festivals. Stage patch & system patch. Conversion and AES/Madi/Dante/Analog routing.

Soldering at a high quality level creating and repairing line systems, Veam, Harting, etc.

Based in...

Sunny Basingstoke, Hampshire UK. Travels: Everywhere, anywhere, UK, EU and beyond


Phone: +44 7821 757388