Recording and filming of live events and studio sessions

Live event
Packages for recording single acts or multiple artists in a live environment
For years we have offered audio recording options for many of our gigs. Our newest live mixer, the Allen & Heath GLD, is now equipped with the additional 'Dante' option card to enable 64 channel recording of any live event.

To record a show into audio multitracks compatible with Logic, Pro Tools, Cubuse, Sonar, etc as .wav or .aiff files, we need to either be mixing the concert either on front-of-house, or for shows large enough, on monitors, or to be provided an analogue or digital audio split (available at most large stage productions). We can then mix these tracks to your liking either on a track by track basis or as an entire live performance.

The basic cost for recording a show 60 per band, plus the hire of our Allen & Heath mixing desk pack, and an engineer suitable for the event in question. The latest hire price for the GLD mix pack is viewable on our hire page.

To generate a quote based on us engineering and recording a show, please get in contact with further details on requirements.

If you are playing an event that is equipped with our GLD80 desk, find out more information on pricing and workflow here


Studio recording sessions and post production mixing
Using the high quality equipment we already own, with the addition of various vintage microphones, we can create a recording package on location suitable for your music or voiceover needs.

Our Allen & Heath GLD mixer allows 64 channel recording and mixing and we use active monitors from Tannoy on location. We can facilitate overdubs, double tracking and multiple room setups as suitable for the location. Our engineers have a wealth of experience in recording and indeed Producktions used to operate our own studio 'Wintney Moors Studio' before moving across to a more regular live sound environment.

Currently sessions will be booked to record using the Basingstoke based 'Swervjam' location (Bessemer Park, Basingstoke, RG21 3NB)

1 day recording cost charged at 300 (based on a 12 hour session with breaks)
Most sessions are run on Saturdays and can be extended into the night at an additonal 25 per hour.
Mixing is charged at 25 per hour and will be performed from a small Basingstoke based home studio to a very high quality.

Live footage or studio session filming and post production
Producktions have always offered high quality video production for either live gigs or on location. Many of our videos were recorded at our former location 'Wintney Moors Studio' as live session videos.

Filming sessions cost 25 per hour per cameraman plus our hire cost of 75 to cover equipment for the day which includes 2 x Canon DSLR film cameras, large memory expansion, a selection of lenses (50mm, 18-55, 10-22 wide angle) and film tripods.

Our lead cameraman has worked on many music, instructional and corporate videos and has a 1st class BA Hons in Media Production. Please view our show reel for inspiration.

If this is not to shoot a live gig, we can provide locations at cost if you do not have anywhere arranged or suitable.
Video production